For any other question, please contact us using the form on the Contact page of this website

1. Why choose a Swiid® product ?

The Swiid® products seek to differentiate themselves from other Z-Wave® devices by :

All Swiid® products have been certified by an independent Z-Wave® test laboratory and are fully interoperable with Z-Wave® controllers and other devices from other manufacturers available on the market.

2. I do not seem to be able include a Swiid® product in my Z-Wave® network: what should I do ?

Perform an exclusion of the Swiid® product (see user's guide), as your Swiid® product may have been included previously in another Z-Wave ® network. The exclusion process will reset your Swiid® product to its factory settings by removing the Home ID of the other Z-Wave ® network. Also make sure that your Swiid® product and the Z-Wave® network are operating on the same wavelength (see Technology page), as this can differ from one country to another (albeit there is only one single one for the CEPT countries which includes all the EU countries).

3. What technical support do you offer ?

Most Swiid® products have been designed and developed by us in-house and by contacting us (via the Contact page of this website) your questions will be answered by people who were directly involved in their development.

4. How do I get in touch with your technical support team ?

Use the form on the Contact page of this website.

5. What is upgrading policy ?

Only the Swiid® products which incorporate Z-Wave® Series 500 modules (ZM-5101 and ZM-5202) can be updated remotely (OTA). Please refer to the "Technical Specifications" section of the user guide of your Swiid ® product for the type of Z-Wave® module used.

6. Where can I find the user's guides for the Swiid® products?

Please refer to the Support page of this website for PDF versions of all our Swiid® products. Paper versions in both French and English are provided in the original product packaging.

7. What is Z-Wave® ?

Please refer to the Technology page of this website. For further information, please consult the website of the Z-Wave Alliance.

8. In which countries can I use Swiid® products ?

For the time being, the Swiid® products are only available in 868.42 MHz which is the radio frequency which is common to all CEPT members countries for Z-Wave®, all the EU countries are members of the CEPT.

9. Are the Swiid® products compatible with other Z-Wave® devices ?

Yes, this is the very reason for our adopting the Z-Wave® communications protocol for all our Swiid® products to date and for getting them certified by an independent Z-Wave® test approved by the Z-Wave Alliance. Furthermore, we have tested our Swiid® products with all the major Z-Wave® IP gateways available in the CEPT countries.

10. Which Z-Wave® controllers can I use to control my Swiid® products remotely ?

We have tested our Swiid® products with all the major Z-Wave® IP gateways available in the CEPT countries. These are generally listed at the end of the "What is Z-Wave® ?" section of your Swiid® product's user's guide.

11. In which languages do you provide technical support and user's guides ?

In French and English.

12. Where can I buy Swiid® products ?

We do not sell directly. You will find a list of our resellers on the Resellers page of this website. We try to maintain this list up to date for the countries mentioned.

13. What is you policy regarding Swiid® product returns ?

Our resellers may have their own return policies. We only accept direct returns in the context of warranty claims as set out in the "Warranty" section of the user's guide of your Swiid® product.

14. Who manufactures the Swiid® products ?

The components of the Swiid® products which have been designed and developed by us are manufactured under our supervision by subcontractors; then these components are assembled and tested by us in France.

15. Do the Swiid® products have a serial number ?

The Swiid® products generally have a manufacturing batch number which you can find both on the original packaging and on a sticker inside the shell of the product.