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    The concept behind the Swiid® products

    The Swiid® products try to be different from other Z-Wave® devices available on the market in three main respects :

    • Novel functionalities
    • Quality of design, and
    • Ease of use

    The Swiid® products are therefore niche products and that is why we have incorporated the Z-Wave® radio frequency protocol, where interoperability with controllers and peripherals from other suppliers is guaranteed by a rigorous certification process. The Swiid® products themselves are Z-Wave certified and have been tested by us with most of the Z-Wave® controllers (IP gateways) available in Europe.

  • Swiid® Cord Switch
    Z-wave® cord switch view more

    Swiid®'s cord switch is the first – and today still the only – remote controlled cord switch which can be used manually like any classical cord switch and also activated remotely via your Z-Wave® network. In addition, it is sufficiently compact to have the look and feel of an ordinary cord switch

  • SwiidPlug™
    Z-wave® adapter plug view more

    SwiidPlug™ is designed to switch on and off remotely appliances (mainly lights) which are plugged into its female socket. SwiidPlug™ adapter plug is one of the smaller Z-Wave® adapter plugs available on the European market today. It is suitable for the wireless Z-Wave® switching of incandescent light as well as halogen and LED lights (all transformer types). Like most Z-Wave® plugs, it exists in two versions : with and without power meter (power consumption readable via the more sophisticated Z-Wave® primary static controllers).

  • SwiidPack™
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    The basic SwiidPack™ contains :
    • 1 SwiidInter™ cord switch
    • 1 SwiidPlug™ adapter alug
    • 1 wireless wall controller switch (a Z-Wave>Me™ product)

    The SwiidPack™ provides a ready-to-use solution to start automating the lighting in a room without having to redo any of the wiring. It has been pre-set in the factory in order for the two switches (cord and wall) to EITHER :
    • Turn on or off ONLY the device attached to the SwiidInter™ cord switch (short single press) , OR
    • Turn on or off BOTH the device attached to the SwiidInter™ and the one plugged into the SwiidPlug™ (long press on the SwiidInter™ or double press on the wall controller switch)

    There exists also an Extended SwiidPack™ with one more of each of the cord, adapter plug and wall switch (double paddle), also with a factory pre-set association configuration.

    All the devices in the SwiiD SwiidPack™ are fully certified Z-Wave® devices and can be reset to be included into - and interoperable with - a wider Z-Wave® network.

  • RemSwiid
    Z-wave® remote control

    This RemSwiid remote control is a battery-operated
    Z-Wave portable controller which can control up to 8 sets of Z-Wave devices and/or scenes. It is suitable for any Z-Wave on-off device, dimmers and most blind and shutter inserts.
    RemSwiid's unique real leather and real wood finish is available in 4 colours of leather and 5 tints of wood.



    Lavastone grey Ebony
    Valencia orange Mahogany
    Dune beige Rosewood
    Havana brown Beechwood
    Grey Birch

  • Swiid-ZURC
    AV & Z-Wave® universal remote control

    The Swiid-ZURC is a battery-operated Z-Wave® and universal infrared remote control which can control:
    up to 12 sets of on-off Z-Wave® devices or scenes, including any Z-Wave on-off device, dimmers and most blind and shutter inserts; and
    up to 8 separate infrared ("IR") audio-video devices, such as televisions, DVD players, hi-fi sets, etc.
    In addition, Swiid-ZURC can be fitted with a unique leather cover which is available in 4 different colours.


    Lavastone grey
    Valencia orange
    Dune beige
    Havana brown